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Cabinet Flush Handle - 30mm - Chrome Plated Finish

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Cabinet Flush Handle - 30mm - Chrome Plated Finish

Imported from Italy
Price :
Rs. 1340

Cabinet Flush Handle 30mm Chrome Plated Finish in INDIA from Benzoville



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Omporro ( Italy )

SKU:  XXI-HFL-008618


Cabinet Flush Handle
Size: 30mm
Finish : Chrome Plated
GEOMETRIES – line of flush handles and coordinates for doors and furniture, encompassing high technology and aesthetics. The rim of the handgrip has a rounded edge. better grip due to the protruding handgrip rim. made entirely of brass the back is round and this enables it to be installed and aligned using a round milling cutter which is simpler to do. 21 finishes X 4 sizes = 84 models. The new version of the beauty and quality of the Officine Meccaniche Porro (High Precision Mechanical Workshop). Each collection is dedicated to a specific area to facilitate research and provide an overview of the offer in a specific sector.