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CRACUELE - Medium Jewellery Cabinet Handle - 50mm

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CRACUELE - Medium Jewellery Cabinet Handle - 50mm

Imported from Italy
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CRACUELE - Medium Jewellery Cabinet Handle 50mm in India from Benzoville


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Raku ( Italy )

SKU:  RA-CER-005549


CRACUELE - Medium Jewellery Cabinet Handle
Size : 50X15mm
Suitable for application on furniture door. Cabinet handles and knobs are used to open and close the furniture doors and drawers. Our range of exclusive designer handles increase the aesthetic beauty of the furniture without being too ostentatious. 1989 saw the birth of Bosetti Marella Srl, an industrial company, synonymous of the history of furniture handles and decoration in the latest 20 years. In Bosetti Marella, the handle represents this “particular place”. It’s a privileged object, not only a functional response; it represents, in its features, the estethical pleasure of a simple gesture. Marella Design is the brand where the handle finds its contemporary expression: It’s an elegant “place”, characterized by lines with a particular appeal; a place where the hand of the man meets what that hand, thanks to his artistic ability, makes unique.