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SUN Swarovski Lever Handle on Rose in Polished Chrome Finish

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SUN Swarovski Lever Handle on Rose in Polished Chrome Finish

Imported from Italy
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Rs. 14725 (incl. GST)

Swarovski Lever Handle on Rectangular Rose Polished Chrome Finish in INDIA from Benzoville


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Mariani ( Italy )

SKU:  MA-CMH-006030


SUN Swarovski Lever Handle on Rectangular Rose
Finish : Polished Chrome
Door lever handle and knobs are used to open and close the furniture doors .Our range of exclusive designer lever handles increase the aesthetic beauty of the door furniture without being too ostentatious.
Mariani is decisively focusing its research on alternative materials. In particular, there is an entire catalog devoted to stainless steel, with a comprehensive project that goes from handles to accessories (handles accessories, door and windows handles) - but without overlooking safety factors (safety plate and strike).
Design, and specially the one applied to handles, has a further meaning: design never comes down to a mere aesthetical study or stylistic innovation; design is that physical characteristic of the object that expresses the result of the research. The recent efforts made by designers in the field of handle production come out from modern culture. Everyone of us, nowadays, asks first of all for pratical objects and conceives the beauty of the object as its absolute formal perfection.