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Luxury Door Handles . 13 Aug 2020

8 Top Door Handles to Design a Luxury Home

Designing homes or designing anything is a lot of fun, pretty much feels like an adventure. But yes, it can get pretty frustrating at times when you just can’t get the right fittings to finish the look. Sometimes all you need is something as simple as the perfect candle, or perhaps even a door handle to create a completely mesmerizing look of the interiors. As far as door handles are concerned, Benzoville has you covered!

If you hear someone say Benzoville in India, then immediately know that they are talking about a company with sophisticated yet bold, door handle designs. And if you are an architect or interior designer based in Delhi or Gurgaon, then finding the best door handles for your upcoming projects should not be a problem at all anymore. You can now go to Benzoville showrooms yourself in these two cities to take an in-depth look at not only the designs of the door handles but also the high quality of these products. While you are there, finalize what you need and walk out of there feeling like the most accomplished interior designer or architect! I mean lowkey, isn’t that feeling we are always craving for?

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, entering a store knowing what to expect is a pretty good feeling, so let’s try and help you feel the same way when you enter Benzoville showrooms. To help you get an upper hand, we’ve listed down a few best door handles available in India made exclusively by Benzoville, specifically for luxury homes. Benzoville has created the ideal platter for interior designers and architects designing lavish residential homes, so if you are one of them, take a look at our sneak peek!

1. BrerA

Aren’t designers all about abstract art? BrerA is the perfect representation of abstract art embedded in door handle designs with its bold colors, patterns, and textures. All these elements combine give off ‘physical’ characteristics from the natural world. The splash of colors may be exactly what your client needs to finish their studio, at-home cinema, or anything extra-ordinary in a luxury home!

2. Marina

There’s nothing more that suits a shiny metallic surface paired with some wavy curves, and Benzoville picked up on this idea quite extraordinarily. It is a layered handle, giving it a classic modern view. In terms of quality and practicality, the layered design gives the handle a strong, firm grip. The neck of the handle is also layered, developing eccentrically towards the rose - all of this topped with a brass finish, making it a lavish ensemble for all your luxury residential projects.

3. Open

I know, at a first glance, the design name just seems a little obvious – like of course the door handle is meant to open a door! But actually, it’s a lot more than that.

The word ‘open’ has a genuine meaning behind the design. It has an open design, shaped as a square bracket. The design specifically accentuates and shines in modern homes because of its classic and contemporary model, making it pleasant to look at and highly functional.

4. Relax

How can you relax at the sight of these door handles at Benzoville? See, you can’t relax! So, instead, Benzoville formed this design, called ‘relax,’ to help interior designers take a break from their work by finding the ideal door handle at a first glance, and to help luxury homeowners relax knowing that their houses will be conceived with beautiful door handles.

This design is made with rings around the handle, to make it suitable for all hands and their grips. The design was created in mind to adapt to all hand types. Therefore, relax celebrates comfort, beauty, and ease, and nobody else could achieve this combination besides Benzoville in India.

5. Slim

This design ‘slim’ is a combination of various forms and volumes. These variations help characterize the design with different proportions with each component playing its part. The door handle has sharp edges, with a minimalistic design. The polish also has a somewhat rusty effect to make the door handle fitting for luxury homes. The cubes and cuboids also help achieve the goals of luxury architects, interior designers, and homeowners.

6. Zen

Isn’t everyone looking to create a ‘zen’ environment? At least everywhere I look, I find someone dreaming about that zen look. To make their lives better and the jobs of interior designers easier, Benzoville has created a door handle design, literally named ‘Zen.’ It has a linear form, speaking of both, classicism and modernism. The shiny surface and the minimalism of the design, combined, create an aesthetic overall look for a contemporary home.

7. Trendy

‘Trendy’ is synonymous with ‘luxury’ and ‘modern’ in our current world, isn’t it? Benzoville, keeping this idea in mind made the door handle ‘trendy’ to celebrate simplicity, integrated with extreme lightness, making it a must-have accessory for luxury homes. The linear design of Trendy also assists in making the door handle reasonable for all surroundings that are modern, simple, and rational. The shiny finish also makes the design, even more, user-friendly for luxury homeowners, as well as luxury architects and interior designers.

8. Twist Zincral

Yes, you read it right! The metal rod of the door handle twists giving it an unusual grip defining an eclectic handle. The twist is not a regular twist, instead, it is a square twist giving it a multi-dimensional personality. The twist is very well calculated to not make the handle slippery for the faultless grip. The finishing of the handle is particularly modern, and again, these features can only be found at the Benzoville showrooms in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Benzoville is not just an ordinary company for interior designers and architects but is the dream company because of their exquisite designs all packaged under one roof. All designs are carefully constructed to keep in mind the onlooking beauty as well as the practicality of door handles. And what else can architects and interior designers need? Benzoville provides them with all possible designs for their residential projects, keeping their reputation at bay as well as their clients at ease. And hey! That’s a win-win situation for all!

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