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Luxury Door Handles . 7 Jul 2020

When talking about the Enrico Cassina door handles, benzoville has been preparing these aesthetic and visually pleasing door handles since 1850. The pinnacle of quality and style is perfectly portrayed in the prestigious Enrico Cassina brand. The door handles are truly artistic pieces that can range from Baroque to Contemporary themes. Enrico Cassina door handles complete any luxury architectural or interior design project. 100% Made in Italy creations are installed throughout luxury villas and prestigious hotels all over the world in more than eighty countries.

Stretching from the Baroque to the Contemporary periods, the styles of Enrico Cassina cover a broad temporal arch. Office Mechaniche Porro gained the famous Enrico Cassina in 2005. Ever since it has gained access to a massive inventory of rich molds that are nothing less than a treasure for manufacturers who produce with pure passion and craftsmanship. After enriching the Enrico Cassina collection with contemporary creations and adaptations, Officine Maccaniche Porro has made the designs accessible for use. Door handle designs for every architectural and interior design style are available in the rich Enrico Cassina collection and have been incorporated in many renowned places in about a hundred countries.

Let's take a look at the best luxury door handles from the Enrico Cassina collection.


Franca is a premium silver door handle that gives an exquisite look. Franca is extremely elegant to touch with hand with a curved handpiece and gives you a feel of modernity and exquisiteness combined. Franca gives off a luxurious look that perfectly depicts the old times' livelihood right in your hands.


The Tamara door handle is golden and looks of a perfectly carved royal door handle. With a stiff handpiece, it is sure to give your hands the ease and comfort they deserve. With a medieval style embedded in the key, you are sure to travel back to the old times with this exquisite door handle.


The Margherita door handle is a unique yet straightforward door handle. The gleaming surface of the silver color of the door handle gives it a modest look. With a straight upward design along with a thick handpiece, Margherita is genuinely a contemporary door handle.


At first look, Eileen might look like an average door handle to you. But it is much more than that. The surface is shiny silver with a tint of gold, giving off that perfect calming look you want to go with your simplistic interior design.


Just like the old times, a tall and long door handle never goes wrong. With the sleek look of the Jeanne, your door is complemented through the beautiful symmetry on the Jeanne, which goes perfectly with any architectural or interior design style. Jeanne goes fantastic with the simple white windows and doors.


The Susanne door handle of the exquisite Enrico Cassina collection is a purely minimalistic and simplistic door handle that you can incorporate in all kinds of doors and windows. It would complement the door or window just like it was a part of it. With the lock just behind the door handle, it is convenient as well as attractive for any door or window.


We all obsess over the simplistic golden design of door handles. After all, they conveniently add to the beauty of anything they are attached to, whether a door or a window. Lilly is just another simplistic door handle which you can use to give your doors a royal but minimalistic look.


A smooth door handle with an amazingly textured geometric handpiece, now who wouldn't want that? The Signe door handle is perfect if you prefer simpler designs rather than fancy ones. The shiny silver surface of the door handle is sure to give your doors a polished and attractive look.


Niky is one of the most innovative designs from the Enrico Cassina collection. With a glassy silver surface and a geometrical door handle like that, you successfully give a clean and clear look to your door, which never fails to amuse any eye that looks upon it.

In addition to all the mentioned door handles, there are many products available in the Enrico Cassina collection. The styles of Benzoville are undoubtedly one of the most classic designs ever. With the help of modern technology and innovation, Benzoville has been able to create traditional and contemporary designs that never fail to amaze you. Benzoville has door handles for all the interior designs and architectural styles that you can think of.

We believe that making the best door handles takes a considerable amount of passion and creativity. And at Benzoville, that is what we focus on the most. Our designs are flawlessly engineered to give the best combination of form and function. Benzoville is all about creating the perfect designs that appeal to you. To take a look at the endless number of luxury door handles by Benzoville, visit the Benzoville showrooms in Gurgaon and Delhi to avail yourself of unique door handles by the No.1 Luxury Door Handle store in India.

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