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INK Cabinet Knob - Cast Iron Black Colour - 32mm

Imported from Denmark

INK Cabinet Knob - Cast Iron Black Colour - 32mm in India from Benzoville


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Furnipart ( Denmark )

SKU:  FU-BLH-031699


INK Cabinet Knob
Colour : Cast Iron Black
Size : CC32mm, L19mm, W19mm, H23mm

Ink Knob

The design draws inspiration from the shapes of the American abstract artist Paul Kremer. The front has a convex shape which invites the finger to rest and touch. The soft shapes are further enhanced by the material as it makes them appear even more organic. Cast iron adds texture to the design making it both solid and inviting.




Product                              Knob

Centre Distance               32 mm   

Width                               31,1 mm   

Hight                                30  mm  

Length                             64 mm   

Material                           Cast iron

Finish                              9005 - black


The German design studio kaschkasch was founded in 2011 by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider. Located in Cologne, the studio works in furniture, lighting design and art direction. kaschkasch has a large back catalogue of designs for major international brands. At first glance their work appears formal but on closer inspection the design reveals a provocative and intelligent mode of expression, which seeks to question prevailing norms and offers new answers to existing everyday demands. Working in collaboration with furnipart, kaschkasch has designed four handles and a knob, all sharing a very stringent and simple aesthetic. A design like LUCK has a tight form while still appearing warm and welcoming thanks to the design’s soft, round shapes.


Designer  - kaschkasch