Totem Door Pull Handle - 1200mm - French Gold Finish

Totem Door Pull Handle - 1200mm - French Gold Finish

Imported from Italy

Totem Door Pull Handle - 1200mm - French Gold Finish in INDIA from Benzoville

Brand: Linea Cali ( Italy ) Unit: Pc SKU: LC-CPH-027008

Totem Door Pull Handle
Size : CC1200mm, Overall : 1600mm
Finish : French Gold
Door pull handles used to open and close the doors. Our range of exclusive designer handles increase the aesthetic beauty of the door without being too ostentatious.
Door pull handles with a truly distinctive look and feel. Contemporary door pull handles will give a statement to modern designs, whether a subtle edge or more obvious design feature is required. Constructed from the highest quality materials, they harmoniously blend form with and function. These door handles complete your home with style.
A dynamic and bold collection of handles for doors and windows; this is the new Rombo line produced by Linea Calì. The difference between a handle and a simple piece of brass arose in 1986, when we launched our products that combined both functionality and design. We've all tried design without a soul and its awkward, just like brute functionality. We therefore chose to create handles that we ourselves would choose for our own house, handles that resist everything: wear, blows, time, thanks to innovative fixing and protection techniques such as the Zirconium Protection finish – PVD.

Brand Linea Cali ( Italy )
SKU LC-CPH-027008
Unit Pc