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Fingerprint Digital Furniture Lock

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Fingerprint Digital Furniture Lock

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Rs. 19470 (incl. GST)

Fingerprint Digital Furniture Lock in India from Benzoville


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Benzoville ( India )

SKU:  BV-LIN-028898


Fingerprint Digital Furniture Lock
Fingerprint capacity: 200
Power supply: 4*AA battery
Stand-by mode current: less than 9 uA
User manual for fingerprint drawer lock

1. Register fingerprint: Insert fine needle(e.g.: clip) into small hole, press shortly set button touched by fine needle, then panel indicator lighten and hearing music, press two times for fingerprint, fingerprint register successful when hearing music. Fingerprint can be registered continuously.
2. Delete fingerprint:Insert fine needle(e.g.: clip) into small hole, longpress set button touched by fine needle, hearing music and “Di” long beep means fingerprint deleted successfully, and back to factory default.
3. Usuage:Press touching area of front panel, press finger after indicator lighten,fingerprint passed, door opened successfully when hearing music; door closed and locked automatically after 5s

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