TREND Door Seal Type A - Rubber

TREND Door Seal Type A - Rubber

Imported from Italy

Door Seal Type A Rubber Size: 12x20x930 in India from Benzoville

Brand: CCE ( Italy ) Unit: Pc SKU: CC-DA-004726

Door Seal Type A Rubber
Size: 12 x 20 x 930
SEAL : 4 fins in self extinguishing coextruded thermoplastic. Balloon in self-extinguishing silicone.
Coextruded tubular seal in self-extinguishing PVC or TPE. Brush made of silicone oil-impregnated polypropylene.
Door Seal for sealing the gaps between bottom edges of the door and the floor. The seal contains a unique mechanism which enables it to work effectively. This seal is designed such that it adjusts its shape on its own if the floor and the door bottom are not parallel.
OPTIONAL: DOUBLE PLUNGER KIT for delayed seal drop. Can be equipped with ACTUATOR PIVOT accessory.
C.C.E. Costruzioni Chiusure Ermetiche Srl was established in 1980. The idea was to develop a simple but effective system to eliminate the bothersome gap between the floor and the door.
The first models were a great success, not only due to the usefulness of the application, but also thanks to the advanced technology applied to the small aluminium profile.
The patents were a starting point, not the end of the story, because for as long as memory goes back, developing innovative and simple systems is the key for serving and satisfying customers also with custom-made products. Market requirements have changed in time, and whereas before it was enough to get rid of that cold draught, today the applications are more and more demanding and include noise reduction, anti-smoke and fire barriers and the strictest regulations relevant to the CE mark for components used on doors.

Brand CCE ( Italy )
SKU CC-DA-004726
Unit Pc