Door Knockers - 150mm - Orro Antique Finish

Door Knockers - 150mm - Orro Antique Finish

Imported from Italy

Classical Door Knockers 150mm Orro Antique Finish in INDIA from Benzoville

Brand: Omporro ( Italy ) Unit: Pc SKU: XXI-DKN-008485

Classical Door Knockers
Size: 150mm
Finish : Orro Antique
Door Knocker can be used to doors. door knocker are available in various sizes and dimensions as per customers requirement. Our range of exclusive designer Knocker increase the aesthetic beauty of the Door without being too ostentatious.
Used to adorn doors of homes or hotels, these perfectly moulded fine solid brass door knockers are made available in many popular styles.
From the classics, that made OMPorro famous, to contemporary objects with refined geometry, which preserve the antique fascination of our hot-forged brass knockers.
The production system was optimised and rationalised, a highly innovative plant was established in Cucciago and thanks to good business management, the quality of OMPORRO products spread to every continent.
The new version of the beauty and quality of the Officine Meccaniche Porro (High Precision Mechanical Workshop). Each collection is dedicated to a specific area to facilitate research and provide an overview of the offer in a specific sector.

Brand Omporro ( Italy )
SKU XXI-DKN-008485
Unit Pc