Zinc Plated Slide - 90cm

Zinc Plated Slide - 90cm

Imported from Italy

Zinc Plated Slide - 90cm in India from Benzoville

Brand: OMGE ( Italy ) Unit: Set SKU: OG-FDC-000965

Zinc Plated Slide
Size : 90cm
A drawer slide is a key component in top quality storage solutions. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or office, drawers play an important role in the function of your organized space.
There is a wide array of drawer slide types to customize your cabinetry and accommodate your unique needs. Choose from a variety of extension lengths including ¾ extension, full extension, and over extension to maximize drawer storage space and accessibility. Additionally, we have stainless steel and under mount slides available, as well as extra long drawer slides for large cabinets. Drawer slides can are also used in a variety of specialized applications.
All Omge products are the result of a steady research of the most demanding expectations in the market concerning drawer slides and sliding systems for door. The research results in a wide range of products whose characteristics are a guarantee of high quality and easiness of use. The company “Omge SpA” has been able to address the efforts in different directions always searching for new forms and expressions in the field of drawer slides and sliding systems for door.

Brand OMGE ( Italy )
SKU OG-FDC-000965
Unit Set