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Steel Cylinder Gas Piston N100 Uplift - Silver

Imported from Italy
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Rs. 1882 (incl. GST)

Steel Cylinder Gas Piston N100 Uplift - Silver in India from Benzoville



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Ceam ( Italy )

SKU:  CE-FKA-002794


Steel Cylinder Gas Piston N100 Uplift
Finish : Silver
Steel cylinder silver painted
Angle : 90 Degree
They are easy to use, save space, gently retract the flap and close it in virtual silence. These fittings offer a wealth of options for designing and using cabinet space.
Our lift systems for wall cabinets feature a variable stop that keeps cabinet doors open in any position.
Kitchen Door, Cabinet, Wall unit. By pulling up the door the lid stay clicks and holds to to bring the door.
lift systems are compatible with wood or aluminum frame cabinet doors.
Range of top flap stays are adjustable and have a gas filled, self closure mechanism.
One product after the other, one new happening after another, right through to today, where design and manufacturing of items is done completely in – house at the company. including technical capacity and wear tests carried out using equipment.
The production, always equipped with the most updated technologies, Various sizes, materials and finishes: Invisible hinges, joints and bushes, movements for furniture doors, shelf supports.

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