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POLO Door Handle - Brass - Bright Chrome Finish

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POLO Door Handle - Brass - Bright Chrome Finish

Imported from Italy

POLO Door Handle - Brass - Bright Chrome Finish
Designer : Rodolfo Bonetto 1991


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Olivari ( Italy )

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""POLO Lever Handle
Finish : Bright Chrome
Material : Brass


Rodlfo Bonetto 1991

That approach contained elements of design theory as it was taught at Ulm, which are also recognisable in the Polo handle.




POLO, 2019

Bonetto was a self-taught designer with a love of jazz and playing the drums. He expressed his style in a countless number of objects, including machine tools, household appliances, alarm clocks, telephones, calculators, ski boots and surgical lasers. One of his particular fields of interest was the design of automobile interiors, where he combined the stylistic continuity of material and form with ergonomic and technical requirements.

— Autovox Linea 1, 1969

— Rodolfo Bonetto
"The formal matrix is an oval with almost the same diameter as the rose".

— Boomerang poltrona, Flexform 1968

— Quattro Quarti tavolini, Bernini 1969

— Aki portaombrelli, B-line 1975

"The strict geometric outline is transformed by adapting to the gesture of the hand as it grips, breaking the formal symmetry and generating an imperceptibly offset shape that respects the rules of ergonomics.