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TOTAL Door Handle - Brass - Bright Bio Chrome Finish

Imported from Italy

TOTAL Door Lever handle on rose - Brass - Bright Bio Chrome Finish in India from Benzoville
Designer : Rodolfo Dordoni 2007



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Olivari ( Italy )

SKU:  OV-OLV-029471


TOTAL Door Lever handle on rose
Finish : Bright Bio Chrome
Material : Brass


Rodolfo Dordoni 2007

Total was the first handle I developed with Olivari. I would define it a shared concept. I launched the idea of a geometrical, sharp-edged handle that was almost elementary. They answered with a technological possibility that went on to become the support and the main character of the handle: the absolute absence of a rose.




TOTAL, 2007

The technical and mechanical solution is combined in a single block, which allowed for the integration of the classic rose, making the solid body of the connector between lever and door become one component. For its part, the lever is a simple, thin parallelepiped made from a length of ribbon.

— Buds lampada, Foscarini 2016 (courtesy Foscarini)

— Rodolfo Dordon

Let’s say this was a coinciding piece of teamwork. They were game; I was game; the handle was born. — Rodolfo Dordon

— Click to play: Rodolfo Dordoni, Salone del Mobile 2014

The Dordoni Architetti Studio is founded in Milan in 2005 and also develops projects for installations, interiors, and architecture along with its design.

— Chelsea sedia, Molteni 2014 (courtesy Molteni)

— Look armadio, Molteni 2007

— Lawrence divano, Minotti 2017 (courtesy Minotti)