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MALIBU CURVE 2 Modern Profile Handle - 895mm - Inox Look Finish

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MALIBU CURVE 2 Modern Profile Handle - 895mm - Inox Look Finish

Imported from Denmark

Modern Profile Handle 895mm Inox Look Finish in INDIA from Benzoville



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Furnipart ( Denmark )

SKU:  FU-PH-006272


Finish : Inox look
Material : Aluminum
Size: L895mm, W45mm, H12mm
Design by : Adam laws
Malibu curve is a strong and robust design in both a visual and technical sense. The form is unique for a profile handle in an area where subtle variations are common. The design solves a number of technical shortcomings that are inherent in other profile handles.
Buy Modern Cabinet Profile Handle online in India. Inox Finish Looks nice in your modern furniture and interiors. This is the best example of Original Danish designs. Straight lines and minimalistic designs is the USP of Danish Designs. Each and every handle is developed by a designer in Denmark and produced by FURNIPART based in Aarhus Denmark.
Whatever your choice of furniture, handles really do represent the all important finishing touch. Whether you are opting for a contemporary or traditional look, the handle defines your style more than any other aspect. Imagine the same cabinet with an antique knob or a brushed steel bar handle and you will appreciate how your choice influences the overall look of your room. While the style is very important, the handle must also be comfortable to hold, practical to use and easy to clean.
Furnipart has more than 30 years of developing and supplying design handles aimed at kitchen and bathroom furniture with strong focus on ensuring the best quality.