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Table Extension Fitting - XL

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Table Extension Fitting - XL

Imported from Italy
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Rs. 36634 (incl. GST)

LUNCH Pull Out Drawer Table Extension Fitting +39 in India from Benzoville Iconic


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ATIM ( Italy )

SKU:  AT-SSF-028097


LUNCH Pull Out Drawer Table +39
Table Extension Fitting
Load Capacity : 60 Kg evenly distributed
Size : P min. : mm 390, C:635, H min.:120, L modulo : 1200, Z:1155, S1 Side:15-20*, E:700
This economic space-saving system consists in a pull-out peninsula tabletop stored in a space normally used for a drawer. The table pulls out instantly by simply opening the hinged front of the drawer space. Created to satisfy the need of functionality in small spaces, This new version can be installed in a cabinet with depth minimum mm 390, which is useful in different rooms such as Living, Bedroom, Office, etc…
There are no legs, this allows free access to the sitting around the floor, not to be underestimated for the normal traffic by the disabled. With this system we have the ability to have a 70 cm plan. The prerogative of the system is that all the components (i.e. our mechanisms and your wooden elements) are integrated with the system itself, without the need to store extensions, etc. elsewhere. In addition, the table Lunch was designed to have a highly competitive and accessible price.